In addition to selling Licences, I can make commisions. Something I want to point out once for all : I DON'T WORK FOR FREE, I used to do it before but now I want to live from my music, food is not free for me because I'm a composer, I need to buy it as everyone, and making commissions is a really hard and long work. Sorry if I desapoint but it's a service like any other one.


So, commissions are working the same way than Licencing, excepted that it's (obviously) more expensive. I compose a song for you and your project and I give you a contract with the permission to use it for commercial purposes.


Here are the different kind of commissions I can do :


Original Compositions (Trailers, Movies, Games etc ...)

That's the most asked kind of commission , composing for a Movie, a Video Game, a Trailer etc ... if you are a director, a producer and you are interested by my work, contact me via the "Contact" section, and explain me your project, give me the more information you can. Indeed, money IS ABSOLUTELY NOT my first motivation. I agree a project if it's interesting for me and if I feel I'll be inspired by it. The more information I'll have from your project (script, first concept art etc ...) the more I'll be likely to agree.


Of course, I cannot accept a lot of projects at the same time, because I have tons of stuff to do, but try to ask!


The pricings for this kind of commissions don't work like the licencing, you don't pay for the number of songs I compose but for the number of minutes I compose.



Arranging and Orchestrations

I can arrange a composition for an artist who wants to add some orchestrations but don't really know how to do and wants me to do it.


If you're in this case, contact me and explain your projects.


The pricings for this kind of projects are not fixed, it depends on the amount of work I have to do.


Commissions Contact

Please include in your message :


- Your name/company name

- Description of your project

- What kind of songs you want me to compose/lengh of the soundtrack

- Anything else that could be interesting

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